The 100: Mars Exploration

the 100
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Hello everyone how will you love to uncover the mystery of the worlds beyond Earth? For Centuries now man has wonder and explore the Earth in a dynamic and also a static way studying its nature, destroying the Earth eco shield with various waste and other known harmful substances, and by so doing make Earth life force thinner, Scientist now wonder if Earth will stay hold and stay be present for upcoming generations.

So, let talk about so other habitation alternative for human, man have been able to land on the moon and explore some of it we have also planed and taking trips to the space and a send some like force and machines into Mars (a suppose alternative to Earth). Man has even gone to the extent of making 100 willing pioneers to migrant to Mars and never return and these 100 are been put under training and observation for prepare they for a one-way ticket to Mars.

With all motion set for us to explore Mars we still don’t know when and how this relocation will be carried out, but I will live that for expert to consider and discover a suitable life line for us to hold on to in Mars. By the way is you come across an opportunity to go to Mars and never return will you take such chance and be the among the first set of humans on Mars kindly leave you answer in the comment section below

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