Human-droid a powerful tool for evolution and domination of world power

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Science and technology as been a very important and dynamic aspect of our day to day life and it has grow to become part of human life, just like an Oxygen, Man now interact with tech like he does with is food and with other essential needs, some cannot even live without operating a gadget, this obsession has make expert come up with more and more means to improve Tech gadget to make Users safe and make contraption more productive.

In the early stage of man evolution man make use of crude science and less tech tools and their by making the aspect of human medicine vast and significate but with the way the Tech industry is moving up the productivity chart we are left to wonder if there will be need for Medical staff in the future, since the discovery of Internet of Thing, a lot of effort has been put into research by technologists on how to improve the human medicine and one day let robot take care of patient in hospitals. With the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19 (in 2019) there has been more use of robot to deliver food to the virus host so as to avoid direct contact with host and protect medical staff from the deadly virus.

The burst of virus now confirms that Big tech War machine are use less because a biological weapons is now been used against the human race and this virus also affect the operators of war machine, so military should now look up to tech gurus to provide a means of moving the war machine autonomously and make they act as a human will, this brings us to the first question in this content; Is it possible to have a human-droid? If yes how can we develop this and what are the features you will love to be included the its functionality (Leave a Comment on some of the cool stuff you will love your personal human- droid to have).

Here are some of my own dream of a prefect human-droid;

• Be a replica of its owner both facial and mentally.

• Should have both software and hardware appearance.

• Hardware appearance for instance be of my skin color, my height, my width and be physically accessibly like a normal human being.

• Software appearance for instance I should be able to have a mobile softcopy of my droid and call on it to preform tasks like Cortana or other speech recognition system just like Javis in Iron man Movie.

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