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Tech & Health

Negative Effects of Technology on Human Health

Technology today as both good and bad side, the bad aspect of tech is even quit much more than its good part although we don’t pay much attention to the deadly and bad aspect...

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remote learning

Problems with Remote Education

The problems with remote schooling are similar to those associated with working from home, with a few exceptions. Students usually aren't as...

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underwater wifi

Scientists develop laser-based subaquatic WIFI system for sub-sea data webs

A crew of researchers at work in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have developed a mutual wireless data linking for use underwater...

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IOS 13.6

Apple News adds new audio features, including a daily briefing, alongside expanded local coverage

Apple News is getting a momentous upgrade. The news accretion app, which ships preinstalled on Apple devices, is presenting several new landscapes for readers and first-class subscribers...

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